Career Pathways

Certified Residential Medication Aide (CRMA)

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Description of a CRMA

The responsibilities of a Certified Residential Medication Aide (CRMA) include administering medications in a safe, proper and accurate manner, recording and documenting the administration of medications, reporting incidents, sustain knowledge of Resident Rights, while maintaining patient confidentiality. CRMAs do not assist people with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs).

CRMA Work Settings and Populations Served

  • Works with people who need medications including but not limited to elders, adults with disabilities, persons with mental illness, and persons with intellectual disabilities
  • Works in a Level III or Level IV residential setting, assisted living, or adult day program

Pre-Employment Requirements

A person may not be hired as CRMA if that person has ever been:

  • Convicted of a crime involving abuse, neglect or misappropriation of property in a health care setting
  • The subject of a complaint involving abuse or neglect  or misappropriation of property if the complaint was substantiated by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services and entered on the CNA Registry
  • Convicted within the last 10 years for sexual misconduct, or abuse, neglect or exploitation in a setting other than a health care setting
  • Convicted within the last 10 years for a crime that was punishable by 3 or more years in prison


Complete a 24-hour CRMA training in order to work in Level III or Level IV residential settings under the Office of Cognitive and Physical Disability Services

Complete a 35-45 hour CRMA training in order to work in all other Level III or Level IV residential settings




A person who is working as a CRMA can move into the following positions with additional education:

Health Services:

  • PSS
  • Home Health Aide
  • CNA
  • CNA-M
  • LPN
  • Medical Assistant
  • Nursing Degree

Human Services:

  • MHRT-I
  • MHSS
  • DSP
  • MHRT-C