Who: Direct Service Workers already certified in a variety of job titles

Why: Expand your knowledge and skills, grow in your career, and discover new ways to support the people you serve

Bloodborne Pathogens

A preliminary orientation to bloodborne pathogen risks and prevention strategies in the work place.

Brain Injury Basics

Discusses the prevalence of brain injury in Maine and nationally, the types of brain injury, how the brain works, and the effects of brain injury on families and caregivers

Challenging Behaviors

Explores a range of challenging behaviors you are likely to encounter in your work and introduces strategies for reducing and managing these challenging behaviors.

Dementia Basics

Presents basic information on dementia care and discusses changes to the brain and their impact on thinking skills and behavior.

Elder Abuse

Learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of elder abuse, identify factors that place elders and caregivers at increased risk, and report signs of abuse.

Infection Control and Prevention

Provides an overview of healthcare-associated and emerging infectious diseases, infection prevention practices in the home and community, and how you can protect yourself and your clients.

Introduction to Substance Abuse

Learn about the signs of abuse and addiction and approaches to prevention, treatment, and recovery

Safe at Work: Enhancing Personal Safety

Acquire the knowledge and skills to scan your environment for personal safety risks and learn strategies to address commonly encountered safety hazards.