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Career Pathways

Healthcare & Human Services Career Pathway

The Maine Direct Service Worker Training Program Career Pathway is designed to help visualize the various job titles available to individuals who are interested in working in the healthcare and human service fields in the State of Maine.  This Career Pathway can help inform, recruit and show individuals about the entry-level positions in the direct care service field and how these different jobs interconnect with one another. Click on any position on the two lower “rungs” of the Pathway (non-certificate and certificate positions) to find out more information on training pre-requisites, training requirements, and populations served. For more information on the positions that require a degree, please visit the Maine Department of Education website to learn more about the University of Maine System and Maine Community Colleges:


Job Titles

Masters Degree

Clinical Counselor
MSN Nursing
MOT Occupational Therapist
MPT / MSPT Physical Therapist
MSW Social Worker
Rehabilitation Counselor

Bachelor’s Degree

BS Nursing
BS Occupational Therapist
BS Physical Therapist
BSW Social Worker
Community Health Nurse

Associate’s Degree

AS Nursing
AS Occupational Therapy Assistant
AS Physical Therapy Assistant
Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC)
Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN)
Medical Assistant