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Career Pathways


Community Health Worker (CHW)

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Description of CHW

The  Community Health Worker (CHW) is a trained and trusted public health worker who applies his/her unique understanding of the experience, socio-economic needs, language and/or culture of the communities served to:

  • Act as a bridge between providers and individuals to promote health, reduce disparities, and improve service delivery; and

  • Advocate for individual and community needs.

CHW Work Settings and Populations Served

  • A CHW works with a variety people including but not limited to elders; adults with disabilities; persons with mental illness, and/or intellectual disabilities; persons with chronic disease; children, families
  • Works in the community, can work in clinical settings, schools, within agencies

Hiring Requirements

Vary by agency/ employer



No Training Requirements




A person who is working as a CHW can move into the following positions with additional education:

Health Services:

  • PSS
  • CRMA
  • Home Health Aide
  • CNA
  • CNA-M
  • LPN
  • Medical Assistant
  • Nursing Degree

Human Services:

  • MHRT-I
  • DSP
  • MHRT-C