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Career Pathways

Home Health Aid (HHA)

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Description of a HHA

Home Health Aides (HHA) provide medical and personal care to individuals in their homes. HHAs provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) including assistance with bathing, skin and hair care; getting in and out of bed; preparing meals; and using the bathroom. 

HHA Work Settings and Populations Served 

  • Works with people living at home who need assistance with ADLs and/or IADLs  
  • Can work with individuals of all ages and abilities 
  • Depending on individual(s) they are helping, may be supervised by a nurse or therapist 

Hiring Requirements 

A background check is required and certain types of criminal convictions may prohibit employment as an HHA.  

A person may not work as an HHA Maine’s Certified Nursing Assistant and Direct Care Worker Registry shows they have a substantiated finding of abuse or neglect or misappropriation of property of a client, patient, or resident. 


  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Receive home health aide orientation provided by the home health agency you work for 
  • Have completed 9th grade (although a high school diploma or equivalent competency is preferred) 

And, depending on where you work/ who you work with: 

  • Successfully complete the 130‐hour CNA Training Program 
  • Be listed on the Maine Registry of Certified Nursing Assistants


A person who is certified as a HHA can move into the following positions with additional training. Some career pathways include

  • CNA 
  • CNA‐M 
  • LPN 
  • Medical Assistant 
  • Nursing Degree 
  • MHRT‐1 
  • MHRT‐C 
  • DSP