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Career Pathways

Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician


MHRT-1- PDF Download

Description of a MHRT-1

Mental Health Rehabilitation Technicians (MHRT‐1s) provides daily living support and residential services to individuals with mental illness. A MHRT‐1 provides personal supervision and therapeutic support to persons with severe and persistent mental illness, helping individuals to develop and maintain the daily living skills necessary to remain oriented, healthy, and safe.

MHRT-1 Work Settings and Populations Served 

  • An MHRT‐ 1 works with adults with serious and persistent mental illness
  • Can work in a residential setting, in a person’s home, or on the job or in the community with the person being served

Hiring Requirements 

The provider must conduct a background check and certain types of criminal convictions may prohibit employment as a MHRT-1.

A person may not work as a MHRT-1 if Maine’s Certified Nursing Assistant and Direct Care Worker Registry shows they have a substantiated finding of abuse or neglect or misappropriation of property of a client, patient, or resident.MHRT-1


  • Be at least 18 years old  
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent competency 
  • Complete the Mental Health Support Specialist training program 
  • CPR certification 
  • First Aid certification 
  • Approved behavioral intervention program 


A person who is certified as an MHRT-1 can move into the following positions with additional training. Some career pathways include:  

  • CIPSS 
  • DSP 
  • MHRT‐C  
  • PSS 
  • CRMA 
  • Home Health Aide 
  • CNA 
  • CNA‐M 
  • LPN 
  • Medical Assistant 
  • Nursing Degree